Green Aviation Solutions

We are experts in providing aviation sustainability solutions and support for airlines, aircraft operators and other organisations in the aviation supply chain!

Our team includes highly experienced aviation professionals in environment, operations, ICAO and EU ETS emissions management and compliance, offsetting, biofuels and IT solutions who deeply understand the aviation industry and the sustainability challenges facing it.

We have proven experience to provide you with efficient and effective solutions which can deliver enhanced sustainability whilst even improving to your bottom line.

Wherever in the world you are located and whatever the size and shape of your organisation, we have the team and individuals to help you.

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Carbon offsets

Should you use or launch a carbon offset programme? If so, which one? It is a tough task choosing which program to invest your hard-earned money in. We have been working with experts to develop our own Carbon Offset program which will be the most accurate and secure in the industry, launching shortly. In the meantime, the Carbon Catalog has a great ranking system for voluntary carbon offsets. It may help you choose who to offset with today, until the Green Aviation system comes online.

Green Aviation’s advice is to only choose the highest quality schemes in the list such as



Save your airline €€€ in ETS costs!

Green Aviation International comprises of highly experienced aviation professionals. We have very significant experience working for leading global airlines and international airline associations.

Unlike other organisations, we are 100% dedicated to supporting airlines in the difficult transition to the Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) as well as providing highly practical, low-cost, quick-win, sustainable solutions to improve their bottom lines. Are you confused about what you need to do for ETS, then contact us and we’ll help you navigate the maze!  contact form