Aviation Sustainability


Green Aviation is an environmental-purpose organisation. Since 2008 we have lobbied for significantly more innovative, more urgent, aviation sustainability measures. We are currently developing a new and bold aviation sustainability roadmap that’s FAR more ambitious than the IATA and ICAO “four pillar” strategy. Ours will lead to a carbon-neutral airline industry in the 2025-2030 time-frame, that’s at least two decades earlier than the “four pillars”!

We also directly support and re-invest a large proportion of surplus income that we earn into a range of high quality environmental projects and initiatives, including the groundbreaking, unique fly-eco.com initiative

Our team includes highly experienced aviation and environment professionals. We fully understand the aviation sector and we fully recognise the huge sustainability challenges it faces to be allowed a societal license to operate, keep making our world go round, in a wholly responsible way.

Through ‘Green Aviation Solutions‘ advisory services we provide airlines, aircraft operators, and the whole aviation supply chain with expert advice and hands-on support in aviation sustainability including the ICAO CORSIA and EU ETS schemes,  carbon offsetting, certified sustainable biofuels, improved operations, environmental strategies and other relevant topics to enhance sustainability. We have proven success in delivering efficient and effective support and solutions to airlines, improving sustainability and even improving the bottom line.

Wherever in the world you are located, and whatever the size and shape of your organisation, we have the expertise across our global network to help you tick the right boxes on your sustainability journey and also to help you manage your immediate requirements for CORSIA. Contact us now for a no-obligation discussion of your requirements.