Aviation Sustainability News

  • Fri 29 Jan 2021 – According to data compiled by Europe's air navigation agency Eurocontrol, the exceptional decline in 2020 air traffic due to the Covid pandemic travel restrictions led to an overall fall in CO2 emissions from flights across Europe of 56.9 per cent last year compared to 2019. Using the global standard of assigning CO2 emissions to the country of departure, the decline was a similar 54.5 per […]
  • Wed 27 Jan 2021 – As the UK prepares to adopt ICAO's CORSIA regulations into domestic law, the Department for Transport (DfT) has opened a consultation on its proposed approach for implementing and administering the monitoring, reporting and verification (MRV) of aviation CO2 emissions from this year. The consultation also considers policy options for interaction between CORSIA and with the UK leaving the EU ETS post-Brexit, a new UK Emissions […]
  • Tue 26 Jan 2021 – In order to meet the aviation industry's long-term carbon reduction goals, Boeing believes it will be necessary to raise the limit on what percentage sustainable aviation fuels (SAF) can be blended with conventional jet kerosene. The US aircraft manufacturer has therefore set a goal that commits its commercial airplanes to being capable and certified to fly on 100 per cent SAF by 2030. At present, […]
  • Wed 20 Jan 2021 – Shell has pulled its support for the Velocys/British Airways Altalto project, which plans to produce sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) from municipal waste in a new plant due to be constructed at Immingham in north-east England. The oil major, which was supplying commercial and technical expertise to the project, did not reveal reasons for the withdrawal but said it would be focusing elsewhere to leverage its […]
  • Tue 19 Jan 2021 – A consortium led by sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) supplier SkyNRG, with LanzaTech as the technology provider, is to build Europe's first LanzaJet alcohol-to-jet (AtJ) facility. The pre-commercial production plant will convert waste-based ethanol to 30,000 tonnes – about 37 million litres – of SAF per year and is expected to pave the way for extended commercial production capability across Europe and globally. Other partners in […]
  • Thu 14 Jan 2021 – Representatives from the European aviation sector and environmental groups, together with a research organisation and a sustainable aviation fuel supplier, have come together to provide recommendations to EU policymakers on sustainability aspects and support for future aviation fuels. Convened by two climate-based philanthropic bodies, the guiding principles drawn up by the 12 participants in the Fuelling Flight Initiative are based on a shared vision that […]