About us

Green Aviation is a highly experienced, small and dynamic environmental-purpose enterprise, developing a range of completely innovative solutions and approaches to help address and reduce the environmental impact of aviation. Our global team is experienced in aviation operations as well as sustainability issues. We’ve worked for airlines, aviation industry organisations, governments and sustainability certification schemes.

We engage with the most qualified talent worldwide regardless of location, nationality, race, gender or any other social attribute; our employment and project opportunities are  open to everyone who shares our values and vision and can help us deliver it.

Green Aviation was founded by Andrew Pozniak in 2008, an aviation professional who worked for twenty years with British Airways and the International Air Transport Association (IATA). He became increasingly concerned that the aviation industry he loved since childhood was simply not doing enough to deal with its environmental responsibilities, and so he decided to take more practical steps to begin to help change the industry.

Andrew is the Principal Advisor who advises operators on sustainability strategies and introducing sustainable biofuels. He is a also co-organiser of the successful Aviation Carbon series of conferences. He provides CORSIA project management and advise, and previously implemented the similar EU Emissions Trading Scheme for several airlines and business aviation operators.

Andrew Pozniak is a member of the ‘Royal Geographical Society’, and a member of the ‘International Society of Sustainable Professionals and participates in the world’s most respected sustainability certification organisation the Roundtable on Sustainable Biofuels.

Green Aviation is based in Geneva, Switzerland and works with clients globally; no task is too big or small. We have an extensive worldwide network of subject matter experts and project managers and provide clients with the résumé / CV of all team members for any proposed assignment. We look forward to helping you.